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BigWords-Books: independent book publishing for NZ writers

BigWords-Books are leaders among the emerging new order of independent publishing businesses in New Zealand.
We are building a team of experienced writers and marketing professionals who want to make a difference in the independent publishing industry, so that it is more navigable for emerging NZ writers on their journey to become published authors. We feel that by sharing our business expertise with the writing community, we can help others to avoid the costly mistakes that so often arise when you go it alone.

Transparency of process, integrity of practice, purity of intent

Our goal is to pool our knowledge to provide the professional services all good writers need to achieve a quality finished product at a fair price.

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What BigWords-Books offers to its writers

When it comes to being published, a finished story is merely the beginning. With each step BigWords-Books offers a transparency of process unheard of in traditional publishing.

Books that bear the BigWords Books label are finished to a high quality that meet bookstore standards. How do we achieve this? The BigWords-Books team has the combined expertise to cover all aspects of bringing a written manuscript to a professionally presented publication.

Our services fall under three core areas: Edit, Design and Promote.

The beginning of BigWords-Books

BigWords-Books was set up by Fiona Cole, who set out to find as many like-minded and talented individuals in  editing, design, printing and marketing services. It is with these combined skills and experience that BigWords-Books is able to provide a complete package of services to writers.

Since its inception in November 2012, BigWords-Books has been building on its three foundation services: to edit, design and promote independent NZ books to a high standard of professional publication.

Those who have come on board with us as subcontractors, service providers, supporters and mentors believe that our pooled knowledge of the publishing process is one to be shared.

Firstly, so that more writers are able to achieve their goals of publishing their work the best available standards at the best possible pricing.

Secondly, so that the New Zealand publishing industry can survive, and thrive, ensuring the New Zealand books that find their way into the world are made right here.

Fiona Cole portrait - Indie publishing label BigWords-Books editor and founder

Indie publisher and editor Fiona Cole of BigWords-Books

Fiona Cole: Editing, Proofreading, Marketing, Business Development

Fiona Cole is an experienced copywriter, editor and business woman. Under her BigWords brand, she has written extensively for clients for a wide range of media platforms from print to online and even video for over a decade. Fiona is particularly good with website content, SEO marketing and social media. Her background in business communications and content marketing makes her unique in publishing as she not only helps fine tune your work to meet a high editorial standard, she can also help you market and promote your completed work.

An avid networker, Fiona has a knack of bringing together the right people to make good things happen in her business pursuits through her passion, vision and creative ideas. BigWords-Books is another example of how this heady mix comes together and produces something fabulous.

Editing and Design

As part of the BigWords-Books commitment to authors, we subcontract a range of editing and design services. This enables us to match the professional to the project, to achieve the best possible outcome for the author.

We have a growing stable of professional service providers. If you are a copy editor, proof reader, formatter or graphic designer who would like to be on our list of providers, contact BigWords-Books with your details – we would love to hear from you.


Self-publishing means sellf-promoting. Most indie authors are worried about ending up with a garage full of books, but few of us can afford to hand most of our profits over to a distributor.

Whether you choose 100 books or 1,000 for your first print run, BigWords-Books has a range of options for you, from setting up a Facebook Page or author’s website to creating a comprehensive launch campaign. We prefer to help you do well for your self than charge lots of money to do it for you.

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