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BigWords-Books: book publishing with writers in mind

BigWords-Books was set up to create a way forward for New Zealand independent book publishing, by helping authors to independently publish their work to the highest available standards. To achieve this, we will project manage all elements of the process to give  your book its best chance of achieving its full potential.

We can assist you through whichever stage of the self-publishing journey you need us to help you with.

You may have some areas already taken care of through your existing contacts and just need help in a few areas. Or you might want someone to work with you from start to finish.

Not sure where to start? Contact BigWords Books today to discuss what you need for publishing your book. We are happy to answer all your book publishing questions so that you can make informed decisions on what you need to edit, design and promote your book.

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Editing your manuscript

BigWords-Books provides support and advice throughout the editing stage of your book publishing journey.

Every completed manuscript will need editing. Whilst you can and should go back and edit your work once it has been written, it is advisable to use an experienced editor for at least one final edit to bring it to a professional standard. Whether you choose to source your own editor or commission one of ours, we can advise you on what you need to look for when choosing an editor and how much you should expect to pay.

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Proofreading to achieve professional book publishing standards

We encourage writers to  decide which services they need from BigWords-Books, and which to source elsewhere.

To bear the BigWords-Books label, we do insist on handling the final proofread of your book. This is to maintain quality control of our publications so that they meet professional bookstore standards, and to protect the BigWords-Books brand. We still offer advice and support to writers who wish to take their book to print independently.

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Computer mouse depicting design services Design

Achieving a professional finish is a key distinction with titles that bear the BigWords-Books brand.

We source experienced industry professionals to format and present your books to meet the high standards expected from bookstores, and will help you to secure competitive prices from graphic designers, printers and other service providers.

Cover Design

BigWords-Books can create striking and original cover designs for your books. We can also take your existing designs and transform them into professional grade cover art, and format them properly to fit the sizing and layout requirements ready for printing and binding.

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Content Layout

The interior layout of your book is an important part of achieving a professional finish. To publish under the BigWords-Books label we require you submit your edited manuscript for professional formatting and proofing with our designers. The advantage of this is your book will look and feel like the professional titles available at any bookstore.

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New Zealand publishing criteria

All published works must be registered with the National Library archives and meet a set criteria in New Zealand. We can manage all the legal requirements for your books whilst at the same time protecting your rights as the author. For free advice about what you need to do when you publish or to have us manage this process for you, talk to one of the team at BigWords-Books today.

 Promote'at' symbol depicting book promotion services

The final step in book publishing is selling your books. For this you need as much exposure as possible.

BigWords-Books has created a website and Facebook page for promoting your books online. We also offer a range of optional services to assist you in self-promotion of your book.

There is no one size fits all: Every title has its own type of reader, so what works for some may be different to what works for others. With this in mind, BigWords is available advise you on what marketing options are better for you, and how to plan and execute a book launch that will get your published title off to a great start.

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Our team are more than happy to offer advice and share their own experiences in promoting and selling books. We offer a free 1 hour consult – in person or by video conference – to get you started. We can also help you by designing a workable marketing strategy that meets your needs and your budget.

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Who provides Bigwords-Books services?

Every manuscript is different, and requires different support and services. Although BigWords-Books provide some of these services, we will outsource various stages to a trusted professional that meets our high standards, and we can project manage the process on your behalf.

This is to ensure our writers get the right support for their books.


To help you get the best possible service at the right price, BigWords-Books will always source more than one quote for your printing and other external services, from proven or recommended industry providers. We will negotiate on your behalf and make sure the materials and finish meet the high professional standards we expect from our suppliers. BigWords-Books also encourages you to do the same for all our services.

We will even help you by giving you a list of questions to ask any editor, designer or marketing professional so that you are comparing our pricing and services accurately.

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