Different Worlds by Jeannette Keukelaar


Different Worlds by Jeannette Keukelaar – New Zealand fiction



Synopsis for Different Worlds by Jeannette Keukelaar

What if, arriving at one of life’s crossroads, we had chosen a different path?

In a single moment, Nellie Mes is diverted from one path to end her unhappiness. This opens a doorway for the spiritual intervention of seven generations of grandmothers. Supported by their stories and teachings, Nellie finds the resolve to accept responsibility for her future and that of her family. The reader is drawn in as Nellie picks up the thread of her new journey, one which is woven from the past and the future, to find her way in this strange country.

Different Worlds is essentially a character-based drama with a metaphysical flavour. The story covers many different elements, which the author has crafted together well so that they flow into one cohesive whole. Its honest narrative style presents challenging ideas in an accessible way, drawing the reader along with the characters as they journey together on this new path – one that opens the way for them to experience different worlds.

About Jeanettte Keukelaar

Jeannette Keukelaar is a practicing counsellor and Imago therapist living in Whangarei, in Northland, New Zealand. Her writing draws from her rich history, growing up in Post-war Rotterdam before immigrating to New Zealand in the 1950s with her family, and finding her own path as a New Zealander with Dutch roots in this culturally diverse country.


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