A Handful of Diamonds – Helena Toren


A Handful of Diamonds – a novel by Helena Toren. New Zealand crime fiction.

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Synopsis of A Handful of Diamonds – Helena Toren

Annie Denver’s love for coleslaw lands her in the middle of a smuggling operation. Knocked unconscious and snatched from her home, she is victim to the cruel games of Jannie Chaikov, Roberto Quartaz’ butcher of Africa.

Roberto Quartaz, is a self-made diamond smuggler, who adores diamonds and hates women and little fat men. Careful and cunning, he has so far evaded capture from CIA agents Ben Hope and Jazz Morgan.

Annie need only surrender the diamonds to end her torment, but she can’t. The blow to her head has given her amnesia, but Quartaz refuses to believe her. With no memory of who she is or what she is capable of, Annie finds within herself the strength to fight.

But Annie is not alone. CIA Agent Ben Hope tracks her halfway around the world and attempts a daring rescue, only to discover her already gone. Ben is desperate to find Annie and offer her sanctuary on his horse ranch in California. But even he cannot protect her when she disappears again. Quartaz refuses to be defeated by a mere woman and risks everything he has to destroy Annie once and for all. She meets him for the last time in a bloody combat that costs her dearly. How many lives are to be ruined over a handful of diamonds?

About Helena Toren

Helena Toren is an emerging New Zealand crime fiction writer. Born in Holland, she has lived most of her adult life in Whangarei, in Northland. A Handful of Diamonds is Helena Toren’s first published work.


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