Sea Legs – A Boat’s Story by Simon Bliss


Synopsis for Sea Legs – A Boat’s Story by Simon Bliss

Sea Legs – A Boat’s Story was written by Simon Bliss about how he came to own and sail a boat called Rivale halfway around the world in the 1970s.

Sea Legs is not just a story about a boat – it is a boat’s story. The book starts with Rivale as the narrator during her construction in post-war Holland. The tale is picked up then by the author Simon Bliss, a young man form Whangarei in New Zealand who travels to England where man and boat first meet. Their journey across oceans and through many trials and challenges is one that delivers humour, humility and the hardest of life’s lessons in the most unexpected places along the way.

If you like real life stories, epic journeys, stories of overcoming adversity or you just love boats, then Sea Legs is the book for you.


“Nobody has actually ever asked a brick if it lives, well, not unless they have psychiatric problems. As to boats, do they have a spirit? Yes, they do.”

Sea Legs is a story of journeys – across decades, oceans and the human capacity for going forward. With the narrative skills of the natural born navigator and a quirky honesty that is uniquely his own, the author Simon Bliss draws us into his own story of trials and triumphs on land and sea. Like any good mariner’s yarn, the truth in it is what makes it all the more fantastic. This book has two narrators, as Simon gives voice to Rivalé as she comes into being in Holland in 1946. Simon then picks up the mantle in Whangarei, New Zealand. The two meet in the UK and start their journey together from Queenborough to Whangarei.

This is not only a story about a man and his boat; it is a boat’s story.

Illustrations within the book are from the original drawings of Elaine Bliss.


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