The Hawksnest


The Hawksnest -Short Stories by Ronald Grant. NZ author living in Northland, New Zealand. Slice-of-life short fiction with a real taste of New Zealand characters, culture and place.



The Hawksnest: Short stories by Ronald Grant

Take a wealthy businessman with exotic tastes, his beautiful wife, and the young architect commissioned to design their dream home; put them together and see what happens in “The Hawksnest”!

This is the title piece in The Hawksnest – a collection of short stories, which provide revealing glimpses of people, their diverse relationships, growing up, growing old and occasionally  growing wiser.

Other stories include “Rusty”, Aunt Violet’s Bed”, “Travelling Rough”, “Crossing the Divide”, “A Little Bit of Trouble”, and “Remembering Muriel”.

As an added bonus this print edition also includes 11 stories previously published in e-book form and as a few printed copies entitled Solanum and revised by the author for this book.

About the author: Ronald Grant grew up and spent much of his life in Northland at the top end of New Zealand where many of these stories are set. He has also travelled extensively overseas and has worked in New Zealand, London and in the Pacific region as an architect.


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