Whisker the Kiwi Chick


Whisker the Kiwi Chick

An illustrated children’s book about a real life rescue of a kiwi hatchling. Written by Narine Groome, illustrated by Caroline della Porta.

“Away rolled the egg to the culvert below –

escaped by a whisker, but who was to know?”

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Whisker the Kiwi Chick – an illustrated children’s book

Written by Narine Groome

Illustrated by Caroline della Porta

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Disaster becomes good fortune for Whisker the Kiwi Chick in an amazing journey of survival and teamwork, and a great kiwi rescue.

In this real life ‘kiwi versus digger’ event, with the help of many people, a tiny kiwi chick escapes by a whisker! earning him his name. Carefully researched to capture Whisker’s complete journey from rescued hatchling to adult kiwi, this is a delightful tale brought to life in rhyme by children’s author Narine Groome and through the original illustrations of Caroline della Porta.

An authentically New Zealand story that demonstrates the amazing work by Rainbow Springs Kiwi Encounter, Whinray Eco Trust and the Department of Conservation to protect the future of our native wildlife, and the willingness of regular everyday people to step up and lend a hand.

The photo montage at the end of the book shows footage of the real Whisker, being reared at Rainbow Springs Kiwi Encounter in Rotorua then growing up at Motu kiwi crèche, before being released back to the wild in the Whinray Forest, near Paparangi Station where his adventure began.

A wonderful collaboration between NZ children’s book author and playwright Narine Groome, and internationally published illustrator Caroline della Porta. More about Caroline della Porta on her website


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